A bird in your head

Andrés Galeano

I close the door of the room and put up a warning: Do not enter! Performance in progress. I give a piece of paper with the follow information in Czech/English to each spectator:

Welcome to my performance!
I will give you 5 minutes to decide whether to stay in this room or to leave.
The 5 minutes starts when I turn on the fan and finishes when I turn it off.
If you stay in this room, I will carry out an action that leads to the killing of this bird.
If everyone leaves this room, I will not realize this action.
In advance, thank you for your cooperation.

I'm creating a situation together with the audience in which they are 
actively taking part and bear responsibility for my action. Why do you stay in the room? Why do you leave? Why are you doing what you are doing?
I'm interested, on one hand, in the crossing point between an ethical 
action and a performance action, and on the other, in the imagined 
action that happens in the heads of people in the audience before I per-
form the action and even outside the space where the performance 
is taking place.

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A bird in your head
Andrés Galeano