Flowers (mixed)/Attached

„Flowers (mixed)“ sits atop the gallery reception welcoming the viewer with its beauty. A non-artwork which is perhaps not noticed. The work examines plagiarism, real, artificial and what defines this. What is lost, what is gained in a copy? They are almost exactly the same in form and appearance but other than that, sitting side by side, they have nothing in common.

The Video performance, „Attached“, is shown looped on an iMac which sits behind the gallery reception answering, questioning, complementing, critiquing.

The artwork expresses duality: connection/disconnection, presence/absence, communication/miscommunication. Employing rhythm, repetition and onomatopoeia, the work explores the possibilities within a simplistic, open language. The language plays with writing, re-writing, changing the meaning and understanding of what is being said. Relatable situations, work and life, failures and successes, which is it: either, neither, both? The work oscillates between these states, flowing erratically through the role of the artist, curator, collector, lover, depressive. Every statement is in itself a punch line and the repetition becomes meditative, melodic, captivating, annoying.

Shona Stark is an Australian/German artist, lecturer and multi-disciplinary designer. She holds a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. She studied with Claude Closky at Beaux-Arts de Paris and in 2021 completed a Diplom Freie Kunst, Bildhauerei with Albrecht Schäfer at Weissensee Kunsthochschule. Often employing language, Shona works conceptually, usually in the form of installation, video, sound and performance. She is currently completing Meisterschule at Weissensee Kunsthochschule.

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